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The Surprising Way To Stop Stress

By: Michael Roizen, M.D., and Mehmet Oz, M.D.

Crazy commute? No problem. To-do list longer than the tax code? Bring it on. Mini work crisis? Easy.

The surprising thing that lets you shrug it all off is a little bit of weight training. See, people with a good amount of muscle mass have an easier time recovering from mental stress.

Whether you use dumbbells, machines, resistance bands or your own body weight to build muscle (think pull-ups, invisible chairs and push-ups), you can stay one step ahead of stress. In fact, when stress brings trouble to your door, muscles let you turn it around with the effortlessness of an aikido master.

Lean body mass (that's muscle, not fat) makes your blood pressure normal more quickly after a mentally stressful event. That's because a fit body does a better job of ridding itself of sodium. And that takes a big load off your heart and arteries, especially when you think you have more work than time or more problems than solutions.

Until you buff yourself up (and even after you do), try this to calm down from stress faster: black tea. Men who drink tea are able to reverse the nasty side effects of stress, including increased blood pressure and heart rate, better than those who don't sip the stuff. Even better: Invite someone to share that tea with you (and why not have him or her lift weights with you, too?). Laughter and spending time with friends also send stress and its baggage packing.

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