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Silver Spring, MD - East Curves

Welcome to our Web site. We provide our members with a fun, convenient, comfortable environment where you will find all the support you need to meet your goals. The Curves Work-out takes just 30 minutes and includes all the components needed for a complete exercise program - warm-up, cardiovascular, strength training, cool down, and stretching. Give us a call to learn more.

CURVES SMART EQUIPMENT IS HERE!! Imagine having the world’s most advanced fitness coach at your disposal: adjusting and customizing the work out based on your body structure and endurance and then processing the data to calculate the number of calories burned and what muscles you've worked. This is the role of the CurvesSmart™ personal coaching system, a new technology pioneered by Curves that offers a precision designed workout, moment to moment feedback and progress reports to keep you motivated while you work out. After a your personalized profile is determined by a Curves staff member, you will be issued a CurvesSmart™ID Tag with your fitness profile on it. The monitor indicates: whether her heart rate is in the target range; whether or not you are achieving your target intensity level; the range of motion for each repetition; and the number of repetitions. Following the workout, the system produces a progress report which allows you to see, instantly and in quantifiable terms, your strengths and weaknesses. Stop in and make an appointment today!

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For more information about our club please complete our online request form. Someone from our club will contact you to answer any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.