Strength is power. These inspiring women overcame personal obstacles, transformed their lives, and became Curves Strong through the motivation, support and guidance of their coaches and community. Get inspired and feel the power with the videos below!

  • Peggy Bernard
I am so pleased with my results.

I joined Curves Birmingham in August of 2009. I decided that I needed to lose weight and get stronger and healthier. I love that at Curves you can get a full body workout in 30 minutes and you don’t have to adjust weights on the machines. The workout is easy to do and fun.

I was wearing size 12 jeans when I joined Curves 10 months ago. Now, I’m a size 10 and I just tried on my size 8 skirts and they fit comfortably. In less than a year, I’ve lost 17 inches!! I love Curves.

  • Kathi Fishbain
Curves is the solution for me.

I have been a Curves member since 2001. I had belonged to other gyms but felt like I wanted a quick-paced workout that I could do any time of day without having to adjust or wipe off the machines.

The Curves Birmingham motto of “No men – no makeup – no mirrors” is great. I appreciate that the staff is so friendly, helpful and supportive and the machines and circuit keep me from getting bored.

Since joining Curves I know that I’m stronger, my posture is better and I’m losing weight, inches and BMI points. My clothes fit better and I feel better about myself.

  • Kathy Twomey
Curve Birmingham is a great place to be.

I joined Curves Birmingham in 2004 when I realized that my 22 year daily walking regimen wasn’t helping me to keep the weight off that I had previously lost. I also needed strength training to tone and reshape everything!

Curves has given me a new attitude toward exercise. The workout has literally transformed my body shape. It has become an important part of my daily routine. Even after completing 1700 workouts, my visit to Curves each day continues to give me tremendous mental and physical benefits. As a person who has battled a weight problem all my life, the Curves workout was my first experience of being able to lose weight and keep it off.

The owners, manager and trainers are wonderful people and many fellow members have become treasured friends. It is great that we get an amazing workout in 30 minutes and can do that workout at any Curves in the country without additional charge. Probably the best attribute of Curves is that the program has great benefits for anyone, young or old, fit or less fit, healthy or medically compromised. Everyone can do something on the circuit to improve their health and fitness. Thanks Curves!!