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When you get stronger, increase your flexibility and work to prevent injury-all benefits of our new classes-you are setting the stage for a healthy, active future. As a member, you can take as many classes as you'd like. That means you can try out every new class we introduce this year to find a workout that works for you.

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Please see Hours of Operation for our specialty class schedule.

INCREDIBLE classes for incredible WOMEN.

New 30-minute classes target your body in unique
ways so you can keep doing all the things you love.

  • Exercises to improve balance, stability and core strength
  • Strength training for arms, core and legs
  • Moves designed to stretch and strengthen muscles
  • Total body workouts with Jillian Michaels

Here’s a look at our 30-minute classes:


Join a Curves Coach for a 30-minute, total body conditioning class that's sure to increase your heart rate. This class provides functional strength and cardiovascular conditioning driven from the core. Movements touch on all facets of fitness including: strength, cardiovascular, speed power, flexibility, coordination and agility.


This 30-minute routine will challenge your body with a combination of exercises combining cardio, strength, coordination and balance. This class delivers a total body conditioning workout including cardiovascular conditioning in traditional boxing format.


This is a lower-intensity class that targets the arms, core and legs. This 30-minute class targets these specific muscle groups through moves performed both on the Curves circuit and in between each machine. You’ll focus on maintaining a consistent level of effort and heart rate using strength-based functional movements.

Body Balance class

This low-intensity class is designed to improve balance, stability and core strength. In 30-minutes, you’ll perform exercises in between using the strength machines on the Curves circuit. Led by a Curves coach, this class is recommended for most fitness levels and for anyone who wants to improve overall balance.

Stretch and Strength class

This fitness class is a full body workout designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles. Specific exercises are performed in between strength machines on the Curves circuit and focus on stretching the muscles you’ve just worked. This helps to restore and improve flexibility as you work to increase your strength.

ARMS+ class

This is a lower-intensity class that targets the arms in between the Curves circuit machines. You’ll get a total body workout with a special focus on your arms. This 30-minute class is led by a Curves Coach. You’ll focus on maintaining effort and heart rate on the circuit using strength-based functional movements and the Circuit machines.

CORE+ class

Target your core in between the Curves circuit machines. This 30-minute total body workout is led by a Curves Coach. You’ll focus on maintaining effort and heart rate on the circuit using strength-based functional movements and the Circuit machines.

LEGS+ class

This lower-intensity class will pay special attention to your leg muscles in between the Curves circuit machines. You’ll focus on maintaining effort and heart rate on the circuit using strength-based functional movements and the Circuit machines. You’ll get a full body workout in this 30-minute class, led by a Curves Coach.


Find all class times under "Hours of Operation"

   Curves Circuit with ZUMBA FITNESS!!! 

Get ready for the new Curves® Circuit with Zumba Fitness®. The only 30-minute class that mixes the moves of Zumba® with the proven strength of training of Curves for a wildly effective workout. You’ll tone up, burn hundreds of calories, and have so much fun you won’t even realize you’re working out!

Shimmy and Sculpt your way into a new body! Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness

Space is limited. Please call or drop in to book your spot. Each class  is $2 Please see club hours for times

Still want more...?

Saturdays 3:00-4:00 PM Try this class to increase your muscle endurance and tone. Body Sculpt is sure to give you a challenge.(This class is open to everyone.Monthly pass available. Drop ins$10. Must call in advance)




Lose up to 20 inches and 20 pounds in 90 days. You'll get everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals including:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a certified Curves Coach.
  • A fat-burning workout at Curves with the right exercise - cardio and strength-training.
  • Personalized diet plans and shopping lists. You'll learn how to get the convenience and portion control of those expensive mail-order diet food programs, but at a fraction of the cost - at your own grocery store.
  • Daily instructional videos from a panel of experts to help you make healthy choices and keep the weight off.

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                        CURVES SMART -YOU PERSONAL COACH!

CurvesSmart is a workout customized to your progress. You get a monthly progress report to help you evaluate your results. Simply put, CurvesSmart produces results. In preliminary testing, members saw a 15% increase in inches lost! The CurvesSmart technology motivates and challenges you to achieve your personal health and weight management goals by keeping you committed to exercise. CurvesSmart ensures you maintain an exertion level that is safe and guarantees maximum benefit based on your own unique body signature. Contact us and schedule your appointment to get started on CurvesSmart today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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