Strength is power. These inspiring women overcame personal obstacles, transformed their lives, and became Curves Strong through the motivation, support and guidance of their coaches and community. Get inspired and feel the power with the videos below!

  • Patty Rodenkirk
  • Weight Lost: 40 pounds
I hit my goal after 5 months and have lost 40 pounds and 29 inches.

My name is Patty Rodenkirk and I have been a member of Curves for 10 months. When at my annual doctor visit last year she pointed out to me that I had gained 4 pounds a year for the last 10 years I knew it was time to make a change. I signed up for the Curves Complete program as I wanted coaching help and help with my meal plans. This is a fabulous program. They ask you your goals and what you want to accomplish. I stated that I wanted to lose 40 pounds and to get in shape. I was tired and run down all of the time and I knew it was because I was not eating right and getting enough exercise. My coach asked me how I wanted to accomplish this and I said that I wanted to lose 2 pounds a week until I hit my goal. We worked on the meal plans, started using my pedometer every day (this is a must). When you know how many steps you are doing, it helps you in hitting your goals. I also was doing the circuit 3 to 5 times a week. What I love about it is that it only takes 30 minutes and all of the members are very supportive of each other and always encourage each other. I hit my goal after 5 months and have lost 40 pounds and 29 inches. It was so much fun going out and buying new clothes. I am 55 years old and am maintaining my weight loss. Curves would like for you to walk 10,000 steps a day. My own goal has been 15,000 steps a day and I achieve it. It has been a lifestyle change. Since the program was so successful for me, 3 of my friends that I work with have also joined and are finding their own success with the program. CURVES has made my life complete. Thanks for all of your support.

  • Molly Lee
  • Weight Lost: 65 pounds
“Curves Complete works for me and has given me a new outlook on life. With this program I have had great success and lost over 65 pounds and 50 inches and I challenge everyone to make a change. I feel like a new person! Thank you Curves for giving me back control of my life!”

My name is Molly Lee and I have been a member at Curves since July of 2013. Thank you Curves for giving me back an active lifestyle! In the past eight months I have lost over 65 pounds, 50 inches and found a new me! With this lifestyle change and Curves Complete, I have incorporated healthy eating and exercise into my daily life. The staff at Curves is wonderful! They have given me a great foundation for support and truly believe in helping me reach my weight loss goals. The menus at Curves Complete work well into my busy schedule and please everyone in the family. The exercise program is fun, yet challenging; I have also incorporated regular walks into my daily routine. I have met many new friends at Curves that have also helped to encourage me in this journey. It’s not just the results, it is the support of my peers that has encouraged me to continue to improve. I would recommend Curves to every woman. I have a new outlook on life and I love you, Curves!

  • Lesa Ackman
  • Weight Lost: 32.6
Since joining Curves in July 2013, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life.

Since joining Curves in July 2013, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life. I have lost a total of 32.6 pounds and 35.75 inches. I love everything from the coaches, to the meal plans, and the invigorating workouts. My lifestyle has completely changed for the better. In July I was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. The strength training at Curves has been a key to helping fight the conditions of my Lyme's disease, making it easier to go about my daily routines. This has been a journey I could not have done alone. The great community you find at Curves has helped make me into a stronger, happier, and healthier person!

***Curves Complete members can expect to lose, on average, 10 lbs. and 3 inches over 13 weeks.