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When you get stronger, increase your flexibility and work to prevent injury-all benefits of our new classes-you are setting the stage for a healthy, active future. As a member, you can take as many classes as you'd like. That means you can try out every new class we introduce this year to find a workout that works for you.

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More about your Bear, DE Curves

Welcome to Curves Peoples Plaza Shopping Center located in Newark Delaware. Also close to women living or working in Bear, Middletown, Elkton and surrounding areas. Our promise is to provide our members with a fun, convenient, very affordable, and comfortable environment where you will find all the support you need to meet your fitness goals.

Curves International, Inc. is the largest chain of fitness centers for women in the world and is famous for its 30-minute Circuit with a Coach that works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio and stretching.

With Curves Complete, women have a fully integrated, personalized weight loss and weight management solution that includes the Curves fitness program, a customizable meal plan and one-on-one coaching and support.

Backed by extensive research, Curves Complete has been shown to reduce fat, increase lean muscle, boost metabolism and help dieters lose weight and maintain weight loss. 

Each Curves Complete Coach has completed a certification program developed in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic, one of the most respected hospitals in the county.

Curves is committed to providing women with the tools necessary to empower them to live more fulfilling lives.

Ready To Get Results

    Want To Lose Weight

 Quickly Or Firm & Tone

Your Body Once & For All?   

 All You Need Is Curves Complete


It Is As Simple As 1,2,3 With Curves And Curves Complete


Curves Circuit workouts that blast fat while building sleek, calorie torching muscle. Curves Takes Just 30 Minutes!                 


A balanced, customizable meal plan proven to help

maintain a woman's metabolism. It is the only

program to combine
personalized meal plans and

portion control with a
total-body workout


Curves provides weekly one-on-one support from a

Certified Coach so you will lose weight and keep it off. 

Curves Complete is a combination of Diet -    

         Exercise & Motivation all done with a    

   certified coach who will guide you during

               your Weight Loss Program. 

                    The key to Success: 

   One-On-One Coaching - Accountability

 Our Cleveland Clinic Certified Coaches will motivate and teach you proper exercising, proper eating and meal plans, and set and hold you accountable with weekly goals during your Curves Complete sessions.

Best Of All Curves Complete Is Very


Our Facility Will Help You Increase Your Energy, Strengthen Your Body, And Improve Your Self-Image.  Do It For You, Your Family, Your Love One's.

Come In For A Free No Obligation Consultation And Check Us Out

We Can Get YOU In Shape In A Short Period Of Time With Curves Complete

If Your Ready To Make Some Changes Then Curves Complete Will Achieve The Results You Want Quickly!

Call Now For Your Free No Obligation Appointment To Come Check It Out!

160 Peoples Plaza Shopping Center

Newark, DE


What Else Does Curves Offer?

  • Educated, Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals
  • Strength Training
  • Fitness Programs for Older Adults
  • Exercise & Weight Loss
  • Workout In A Fun-Caring Environment
  • Only Takes 30-Minutes

Other Curves Options Available

For Ladies who are primarily interested in firming or toning or wanting to strengthen your body or lose those last 5 -10 lbs or so in only specific areas we have exercise programs to get yourself back in shape and ready to show off your Curves.


Our Curves is located at 160 Peoples Plaza in

the Peoples Plaza Shopping Center, Newark,

Delaware 19702.    (302) 834-8004.


About Curves International  

Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world

with 10,000 locations worldwide. Curves Clubs can

be found in over 42 countries, including the United

States, Canada, Europe, South America, The

Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South

Africa, Japan, and we're still growing. We are the

first fitness and weight loss facility dedicated to

providing affordable, one-stop exercise and

nutritional information for women.

Only one place can give you the       

strength of over 4 million women…

To find out if Curves is right for you, ask yourself these questions:


Can you spend 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week,

to improve your quality of life?


Would you rather exercise in an environment

designed especially for women?


Would encouragement from other women help

you reach your fitness goals?


Have you tried or considered other fitness clubs

and just never found one that felt right for you?


Have you ever wished for a fitness program that

was "doable" and fun and gets results?


Are you ready to amaze yourself and get results?


If the answer is yes to most of these, take the

first step and let us know you want to get

started.  We will have a trained fitness

technician contact you to set up a personal



Your membership also includes CurvesSmart which helps provide women instant feedback on your workout.


CurvesSmart is a workout customized to your progress. You get a monthly progress report to help you evaluate your results. Simply put, CurvesSmart produces results. The CurvesSmart technology motivates and challenges you to achieve your personal health and weight management goals by keeping you committed to exercise. CurvesSmart ensures you maintain an exertion level that is safe and guarantees maximum benefit based on your own unique body signature. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Phone: 302-834-8004
160 Peoples Plaza
Newark, DE 19702

Each year, millions of women suffer needlessly from preventable disease. Together, we can change this. We can live years longer and enjoy life even more if we take small steps every day towards health.

And it all starts with you. By making your own health a priority, you become a strong link in the chain and have the power to affect those around you. So share your strength with a woman in your life. Encourage her. Pass along something you've learned or share a success you've had. Help her become healthier and gain confidence. She'll feel better and live better, which will positively affect everyone around her. And then, she can share her strength...

Together, we will make this world one million women stronger.